2/365 – Number 4/ 11:37/ January 2

How can I forget?

The way your eyes looked at me

When mine were blurred by tears

The way your lips were sealed

You don’t feel it anymore

Saying the words which caressed me

No I guess I won’t be hearing it anymore

Oh, I can still feel it all, I’m still struck so deeply

All of what it made me feel, I remember

The way your body shifted away in time

And there goes all my fears

Happening before my eyes, I’m weak

I told you I’m weak; I guess you didn’t hear

When I revealed my naked self in your eyes, did you see?

Did you? Did you feel my love, dear?

In that secluded place, I breathe

Through your love, I live; felt like a heap but it was all I need

Your hands don’t feel right when they found me near

It’s not the same anymore; the feeling

We shared was now burned; I’m screaming but there’s nothing you can hear

It was not mine to hold anymore; your heart

Which I embraced to protect with all of me

No it’s not mine anymore.


Number 3 / 2:16 / July 6

Remember our firsts..

Remember the first time we met.

The first time our eyes laid on each other.

Remember the first time we kissed..

The first time we felt each other’s lips, oh it’s bittersweet sensation.

Remember the first time we said I love you. 

The first time those pure words escaped our lips and unto each other.

Remember our first fight and how it lasted for a couple minutes and before we knew it, we were laughing about it.

Remember the first time you discovered something new about me..

Remember the first time you discovered the deepest secrets about me and how you still loved me after all.

Remember our firsts because that’s where it all began.

Remember our firsts because that’s how we discovered true love.

Remember our firsts because that’s when you truly fell inlove with me.

But remember only one last: last girl you dated, last girl you love, last person you decided to be with for the rest of your life.

Remember our firsts and me as your only last. 

Number 2 / 1:32 / July 6

Sa bawat patak ng ulan

Ikaw ang naaalala

Ating mga masasayang panahong binawi ng pagpatak ng luha.

Sa iyong mata, kitang hindi na masaya.

Dapat bang ika’y pinigilan?  Tama bang ika’y pinahintulutan?

Siguro nga’y tama lang ang ginawa,

Ang dulot ko lamang sa’yo’y kalungkutan.

Pasensya na kung pag-ibig ko’y kulang upang ikaw ay mapasaya.

Pasensya na kung ako ay kulang para alaga at pagmamahal ay iyong maramdaman.

Kung ako’y papipiliin, hindi na sana nagkakilala.

Burahin ang mapapait na alaalang tungkol sakin.

Kung saan ako’y isa na lamang estranghero sa iyong buhay.

At mananatiling nagmamasid sa bawat pagdaan mo sa aking buhay.

Hindi na muling magpapakilala, hindi ako muling magpapakita.

Ang ngiti mo’y mas nanaising makita kaysa mabuo ang puso kong ikaw lang ang kulang.

Born For You (Between the Lines)

Too many billion people

Searching for who and what

Running around the planet

Just to find and feel the closest thing to heaven

What is the chance in heaven

Or even in this lifetime

That you’d find your way to me?

That I’d be able to find your precious light?

Tell me what is this sweet sensation?

It’s overflowing, it’s euphoric.

It’s a miracle that’s happened

No one would ever know how it’s possible

Though I search for an explanation

Of the possibilities and probabilities and causes of this perfection

Only one thing it could be –

That I was born for you

To love and cherish you in every way

It was written in the stars

Destiny has its way to show it to us

Yes, I was born for you

We were made to show the world what love is

And the choice was never ours

It was purely the work of the heavens above

It’s as if the powers of the universe

And all the Gods and Godesses, seraphs and cherubims

Conspired to make you mine

And lead me right to your beautiful madness

And til the day I die,

Til the end of my days in Earth

I bless the day that I was born for you

Too many foolish people

Trying to be who and what love is

Trying to come between us

To tear us apart and to break our string

None of them seem to matter

No, my love. You don’t have to worry.

When I look into your eyes

Oh, those eyes that always glimmer in time

Now I know why I belong here

Forever in your arms and eternal in your soul

In your arms I found the answer

The answer to my heart’s desire

Somehow nothing would seem so wrong here

Everything’s perfect as it is

If they’d only realise

That I was born for you

To show you who and what love is

And that you were born for me

To have and to hold, my eternity

And in this random world,

In this strange and still unfamiliar realm,

This was clearly meant to be

What the stars and the heavens have planned long before

What we have the world could never understand

Or ever take away

No, they can never take this away because this is ours – this is our infinity.

And till the day I die

Til the very last breath I’d take

I bless the day that I was born for you.