I always wanted to learn Calligraphy but I thought it was an expensive hobby. Just buying the nibs, holder, and ink will cost you a fortune. I was just a student when I became interested on doing it – didn’t have the chance to buy stuff because I used my allowance plainly for food and for school projects (or in other words, gala). I couldn’t find the inspiration to pursue it also because all subjects in my course requires a final output of research papers and theses. Ain’t nobody got time for other stuff, dude!

So now that I’m a working girl and I have all the control over my finances (and I always fall short heh heh), I sometimes treat myself into stuff like these. Luxuries in life. I always wanted to learn Calligraphy and today is always a great time to start! I went crazy again and I just went to Glorietta 5 after work and bought these cool stuff. Let’s get it on!

Calligraphy Basic Stuff I bought:

  • Nibs – Php175 (3 pcs) Scribe Writing Essentials, Glorietta 5 | Php 90 The Craft Central, Greenbelt 5
  • Holder – Php120, Scribe Writing Essentials, Glorietta 5
  • Ink – Php275 Scribe Writing Essentials, Glorietta 5
  • Penmanship / Exercise Book – Php390 Scribe Writing Essentials, Glorietta 5 | Php 180 The Craft Central, Greenbelt 5




Statistics says 70% of Long Distance Relationships don’t work. It requires triple the stuff you put in a normal relationship – triple the trust, triple the love, triple the patience, triple the efforts you give in. Only a few survives. It takes two strong and brave hearts to make it work.  It is the hardest relationship to handle but one of the most treasurable of all the relationships.

I don’t have a brave heart. I easily cripple when something hurtful is happening. I am not that strong. I easily cry on the silliest things which struck my heart. I am not a fighter. I know when I lost the game. I know when to give up because there’s no point to fight anymore. But I can love as if I am one. I can love more than someone can ever love me.

I risked it all. I risked all my self for a relationship I know won’t work. I knew it. I knew it from the very start. But I still fought for it as if it is a normal relationship after all. I fought as if I am receiving all the love I was pouring in the relationship. I embraced it as if it would bring me forever.

Well, you guessed it. It didn’t end well. But it has taught me beautiful lessons in life of which I will carry as I wait for my eternity.

5/365 – 10 minus 21 (Things I did before I turned 21) : Cutting My Hair

Tried a new hairstyle

Hair is the crowning glory of every woman. I kept mine as healthy and as long as it could ever be for 2 straight years. Its length reached the bottom of my buttocks and I was really really proud of it that I whip it back and forth every time. Just kidding, heh heh. But I was really proud of it – even though I grew (and is still growing) fatter or even when my face was super oily or my kilay was not on flick anymore – it didn’t matter. So long as I had my mermaid hair, I felt beautiful. I avoided any salons during those 2 long years and I never even bothered going in to one of those. I didn’t really saved money because I was home-serviced by my hairstylist for my semi-annual Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment.

I loved this hair as much as my life but I decided to donate it to cancer patients because I know they need it more. Giving what you love is always more than giving anything monetary. I should be giving it but I forgot that they needed untouched hair and everyone knows my hair is not virgin anymore. Sadlyf – and so my plan failed as easy as that. Hay…

But that one day when I was with a special friend hanging out over pizza and soda changed my mind: an idea came up my mind; It was immediate and shocking but I was brave enough to drag him to bring me to a salon in Glorietta. No hesitations. I just did it. There’s no use of it anymore, better cut the bullshits away, this was what I thought. And there we were.. I was there.. sitting on that odd chair you only found at salons.. wrapped in white cloth and the hairstylist was ready to cut my hair. I didn’t think about anything at that moment. I was even brave enough to tell the hairstylist to ‘Surprise me’ when she was asking what to do with my hair. Hah Hah. I just felt I needed to get away from something hindering me and move to being a better self. I felt I needed to do anything just to keep moving forward – to a new and greatest Elli in 2017.

Is this what turning 21 means? Brave & Bolder me?’I wasn’t really paying attention when she cut my hair but to my surprise, I really like my hair now. 🙂 I look different in a very modest way; Someone who would tell someone the lyrics of Little Mix’s Song (the soundtrack of my life, char).

Thanks Ms. Meg @ Vivere Salon, you did a greatjob.

Vivere Salon / Prices

3/365 – To the One Who Broke My Heart Last Year 

I loved you genuinely since the day we were together. I did everything for you and in the name of our love. I put down almost everything in my life just to give way for our love. I even disregarded and changed my dreams so as it would best suit our situation. I did everything to deserve your love and this is where I made myself undeserving of my own love. Maybe this is where you also learned to love me less. 

I made everything easy for you. I made loving me as easy as making your morning coffee. You didn’t have to come to me because I was the one who came to you. You didn’t have to give me gifts because I have given you the corniest of them. You didn’t have to exert any effort because I have given you everything even before you asked for it. I didn’t give you any reason to not love me but maybe I this is where you found some reasons to love me less.

I made my world revolve around the thought of a lifetime with you – I made my plans and dreams according to your plans for youself hoping that I would fit in even just on the tiny bits of it. But I failed everytime I tried. I made the world fall in love with my illusion of your love – I hid the oh-nos and imperfections because I wanted everyone to love you as much as I have loved you. Maybe this is where you found another reason to love me less. 

I knew there was something else you wanted even if I have given you everything I am. I knew you wanted something I cannot give and you found it with someone else. I knew that behind your I love yous and I miss yous were hidden signs of I don’t want to be with you anymore. I knew we were falling apart and yet I was there still picking up the pieces and putting them altogether just to fall even shattered than ever. I chose to fight even though I’m bleeding; to love even when my heart was going away with every beat. Maybe this is where you finally to chose to unlove me. 

This is where I draw the line. You didn’t deserve me since day 1 and even on the days when you tried to because I knew I loved you more the whole time. Thank you for the memories and the lessons which came with it. But this is the end of us and the start of a new me. You were a huge part of my last year but you will never be a part of this year and all of the years to come. I’m giving you up and I’m forgetting everything about you. You did love me less when I loved you more and this is what I will do with all of my regained pieces altogether – unloving you and loving myself more. You are my biggest and most painful heartbreak of all time and it won’t be easy for me to do all these things but watch me do it and you’ll know it was a mistake for loving me less every time. 

With hopes & promises, 


2/365 – Number 4/ 11:37/ January 2

How can I forget?

The way your eyes looked at me

When mine were blurred by tears

The way your lips were sealed

You don’t feel it anymore

Saying the words which caressed me

No I guess I won’t be hearing it anymore

Oh, I can still feel it all, I’m still struck so deeply

All of what it made me feel, I remember

The way your body shifted away in time

And there goes all my fears

Happening before my eyes, I’m weak

I told you I’m weak; I guess you didn’t hear

When I revealed my naked self in your eyes, did you see?

Did you? Did you feel my love, dear?

In that secluded place, I breathe

Through your love, I live; felt like a heap but it was all I need

Your hands don’t feel right when they found me near

It’s not the same anymore; the feeling

We shared was now burned; I’m screaming but there’s nothing you can hear

It was not mine to hold anymore; your heart

Which I embraced to protect with all of me

No it’s not mine anymore.

1/ 365 – 5 Tips I would advice my 2016 Self

Hi 2016 Self – we’ve been through a lot and it has shaped us in ways we don’t know possible. We’ve been through ups that created us new memories we can add into our life line and downs which made us forget how wonderful life is. Still, we’re here and we’re moving forward. That’s what’s important, right? Learning to accept and continue life as we know it. These are my words to you and all the beautiful ladies out there who will have the courage to carry on their life despite every circumstances that tried to bring them down.

  1. Don’t settle for anything less than what you originally wanted. Be firm with your non-negotiables. Don’t settle for silver when you wanted gold. Don’t settle with pwede na. Babe, don’t degrade your standards just because someone gives some shit for you. That’s just trash compare to what should be truly yours. You are ever worthy of whatever you aspire for, so make it happen.
  2. Learn to walk away. ‘Second chances, they don’t matter. People never change’ (Hayley Williams on Misery Business) Set your soft and hard limits – yes fine, it’s okay to give second chances but it should end on that. Once the deed was done, it will happen again. Trust me. Get out of that destructive relationship. Walk away with dignity – for you to not lose yourself any further. You did your job, you gave all your love, and you did everything you can to make it work. If he doesn’t appreciate it still, it’s time to pack your bags and leave.
  3. Put yourself above anyone. No, it’s not being selfish but it’s about loving yourself so much as you have loved everyone else. When you love someone, you don’t want anyone, not even a single bee, hurt them and that’s what you will also do to yourself. Appreciate your strengths and embrace your weaknesses. Love yourself more when you feel like no one does. That is when no one can ever get near to hurt you.
  4. Learn to trust God more. It really, really works. My Tita once told me I was the happiest girl experiencing break-up. Well, maybe this is the reason why. I trusted God above anyone else. I let His love to numb whatever pain I was feeling. I let His love, and only His love, to reign in my heart and soul and it worked seemingly right for me. Do it and you’ll know how wonderful it is for your broken heart to be filled and reincarnated in God’s love.
  5. Don’t give up proven & tested relationships. Spend and cherish moments with your family and best friends even when it would cause an argument between you and your partner. They were there when he wasn’t around yet; they are there through the ups and downs of your relationships and; they will be there when he breaks your heart. They will always be there for you and you should always be there for them also. These are true relationships that you can keep forever.

Time and people may change and circumstances may seem to repeat and repeat again; but with what you’ve been through, you’re different now. You’re stronger. You’re better. You’re braver. You’re much more ready for something bigger this year.


2017 self.

Freshie Adventures 1: Accenture Recruitment Process Insights

After graduation, all of us are expected to be applying to different companies whether online or old school style of walking-in, participating to interviews, and finally landing on that first job. My parents gave me pressure everyday just to force me to find a job. They didn’t support my luho anymore. Maybe they actually planned to make me feel broke so I would get on my feet to apply for jobs – well, they did it alright!

So, there I was – from fresh graduate to unemployed to job seeker real quick!

Accenture, Inc.

My first interview was with this company. They texted me for a recruitment process for the position Associate Software Engineer (ASE) which is clearly for the IT-grads so I asked for an open position for Business Administration-grads and they told me to apply for Project Management Officer (PMO) instead. Their recruitment hub is in 3rd Flr, Robinsons Forum Mall, Pioneer St., corner EDSA. If you’re coming from Cavite, you just have to take the bus going to Cubao or Ortigas then it will take you directly to one of Robinson’s Forum entrances.

Accenture is a big company and they hire in volumes so you should expect their recruitment hub to be always full of applicants. Also, expect that it may take a day or two to be done with – it took 3 days for me!

Their recruitment process consists of 4 parts:

  • Registration
  • Online Examination
  • Language Assessment (for Info tech office positions), and
  • HR Interview

In my experience, I was scheduled at 11am for the recruitment process which I thought was already the HR Interview but it wasn’t. I was there at 10:30am because everyone advices everyone to be there at least 30 minutes before the appointment.

Here’s what happened:

Day 1


It took me 1hour and 30 minutes just to get the security ID. The place was full of applicants, as expected so it took some time just to get the ID.

After getting the ID, that’s when I was allowed to go to the reception area for my application to be processed. I was asked to wait there for my name to be called for me to register on their system so as to record my scores in the exams.


My name was called to register in their systems which I thought was already the online examinations. Nah, it was just pure personal information like I was inputting the information that was already on my CV.


I was told that my online examinations would be at 5pm and was asked to just get back before the time. Since I was going alone home – my first time to go alone from Pioneer going back to Cavite, I decided to just reschedule my examinations the next day. Also, I felt like my brain wasn’t functioning very well for the tough waiting, severe starvation, and exhaustion so it’s best for me to take it the next day.

I overheard someone scheduled for 8pm interview. Poor kid.

Day 2


I went there as early as I can so I could finish the whole process that day. Also, I’m a morning person so I was very confident I could ace the online examination on that condition. I was hoping to get to the company so I prepared as much as I could.

Yep, same drill – getting the security ID.  It was still early so there were few applicants in the hub so I was able to get my security ID with ease.


I approached the reception area and told them that I was rescheduled for the online examinations that day and my name was called after 10 minutes.

It took me 2 hours to finish the test. The test consisted of reading, business writing, and basic MS Excel drills.

Every question is timed and you cannot go back to change your answer so better think quick and use your time well.


Name was called and the recruitment officer told me that I passed the test and I would just be scheduled for the HR Interview. Sigh, and I thought I would finish the whole process that day.

They texted me at 6pm that day for my HR Interview schedule – which was the day after. Yep, I know. I wish they would’ve just told me then back at the hub. Well, it would be the last step anyway!

Day 3


I was scheduled at 2pm and I arrived this early because there was nothing to do and nowhere to go so I decided to just stay there and hoped that it would be done earlier.


Finally, my name was called!

These were the questions that I was asked:

  1. Tell us something about yourself
  2. Why did you choose to study [your course]?
  3. Tell me something about your internship
  4. Why do you want to work at Accenture?
  5. What do you know about Accenture?
  6. Do you know anyone who works for Accenture?
  7. What are your strengths?
  8. What are your weaknesses?
  9. How much salary do you expect?
  10. What is your minimum/maximum salary?
  11. Are you willing to work in Cubao or Eastwood?
  12. Would you like to ask us anything?

For the last question, I asked about the shifting hours, the job description, salary and benefits, if it was possible to be assigned in BGC or Mckinley only because I would be coming from Cavite and it would be too hard for me to travel, and also if she had questions about my CV.


PS. I didn’t get the job in Accenture because there was no slot in BGC or Mckinley. It’s fine, it just means that there is a better plan for me. 😉 If you undergone the recruitment process in Accenture, tell me your story! For those who are planning to apply in Accenture, hope this helps and you get the job!