57/365 – One Day A Teacher

First, I am not a teacher. For my babies (readers), you all know that I major in Business Operations Management and being a teacher has never ever collided paths with my dream board. I appreciate all the teachers and professors I ever encountered in my life but I never had a full or even a little understanding of what they actually do — until my Dad became one. My Dad always aspired to educate the young minds of the Filipino people and now that his kids are growing, he has all the time in his hands. He became a professor at his age now – 49 years old. Better be late then never! I always admire his courage to persevere and pursue whatever he dreams of. I am proud he is finally doing what he actually wants to do in life.

On the other hand, he still needs to provide for us so he can’t let go of his current job – the reason why he’s doing his passion of teaching part-time. Since I am the only offspring around and also the only offspring to have much time, I am obliged (and payed) to do some of his school works — specifically checking papers (I’m actually just taking a break from checking -heh heh). This is where I gained full appreciation of all the teachers everywhere. It is not a joke what they do. We should really not take them for granted. Hell, they do more than facing you and teaching!

  • They have to stay up all night just to check all your papers
  • They have to balance their time to teach you in every way they know.
  • They have to convince themselves that it is not their fault that you did not review for your exams
  • They have to control their tears while they read your answers – which far from the lesson he discussed over and over again – maybe farther from Earth than Pluto!
  • They have to teach you the lesson one more time again even when you seem not to listen.
  • They have to face your parents – do you know how scary and frustrating it is!?
  • They have to control their anger and hurt when you bully and talk things behind their back.
  • They have to shoulder accusations even when the one to be accused is you yourself.

Speaking on the side of the teacher all over the world. I was once a student and I’m thankful I respected all of them – even the most terror ones.



1/ 365 – 5 Tips I would advice my 2016 Self

Hi 2016 Self – we’ve been through a lot and it has shaped us in ways we don’t know possible. We’ve been through ups that created us new memories we can add into our life line and downs which made us forget how wonderful life is. Still, we’re here and we’re moving forward. That’s what’s important, right? Learning to accept and continue life as we know it. These are my words to you and all the beautiful ladies out there who will have the courage to carry on their life despite every circumstances that tried to bring them down.

  1. Don’t settle for anything less than what you originally wanted. Be firm with your non-negotiables. Don’t settle for silver when you wanted gold. Don’t settle with pwede na. Babe, don’t degrade your standards just because someone gives some shit for you. That’s just trash compare to what should be truly yours. You are ever worthy of whatever you aspire for, so make it happen.
  2. Learn to walk away. ‘Second chances, they don’t matter. People never change’ (Hayley Williams on Misery Business) Set your soft and hard limits – yes fine, it’s okay to give second chances but it should end on that. Once the deed was done, it will happen again. Trust me. Get out of that destructive relationship. Walk away with dignity – for you to not lose yourself any further. You did your job, you gave all your love, and you did everything you can to make it work. If he doesn’t appreciate it still, it’s time to pack your bags and leave.
  3. Put yourself above anyone. No, it’s not being selfish but it’s about loving yourself so much as you have loved everyone else. When you love someone, you don’t want anyone, not even a single bee, hurt them and that’s what you will also do to yourself. Appreciate your strengths and embrace your weaknesses. Love yourself more when you feel like no one does. That is when no one can ever get near to hurt you.
  4. Learn to trust God more. It really, really works. My Tita once told me I was the happiest girl experiencing break-up. Well, maybe this is the reason why. I trusted God above anyone else. I let His love to numb whatever pain I was feeling. I let His love, and only His love, to reign in my heart and soul and it worked seemingly right for me. Do it and you’ll know how wonderful it is for your broken heart to be filled and reincarnated in God’s love.
  5. Don’t give up proven & tested relationships. Spend and cherish moments with your family and best friends even when it would cause an argument between you and your partner. They were there when he wasn’t around yet; they are there through the ups and downs of your relationships and; they will be there when he breaks your heart. They will always be there for you and you should always be there for them also. These are true relationships that you can keep forever.

Time and people may change and circumstances may seem to repeat and repeat again; but with what you’ve been through, you’re different now. You’re stronger. You’re better. You’re braver. You’re much more ready for something bigger this year.


2017 self.