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Beshies, I’m moving on ( to a place where I belong ).. I am starting to take things seriously and to be the best help I can be to you through my blogs. If you ever visit this site, my old one, please redirect to my new and improved site:


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Yuppie Diaries: What to do after Graduation

It has been exactly 1 year after I graduated; 365 days after my so-called “Big Day”. It was the biggest achievement I could ever be proud of back then. Para sakin, may napatunayan na ako. Well, for all kinds of families, it was just the start.. (of hell).

You don’t know real pagod (exhaustion) until you have that monthly KPI with 95 as the passing grade but all the delays will be against you. You don’t know real stress when all the living things in your office pressure you – yes, kahit pati plants (even the plants) and the shoppaholic rat that comes after stealing your things. The transition to undergrad to working gurl real quick was a big blow for me. It was exciting but at the same time scary and frustrating. It’s true what they say, it’s more tiring to work than to study. At this state, I belong to the working class who always say ” if I can go back to studying, I will just study rather work. ” And I’m hella proud of it.

Saying this not to scare off all my yuppie readers but to be the Ate you never had who will guide you through the scary world you’re going to face after your G Day. 

  • Take a transition vacation. When I was graduating, some of my friends who were already working kept on advising me to take 2-3 months vacation before starting corporate life. They told me it’s gonna be hard to take a vacation again once you start. I spent almost 2 months being just a palamunin in the house after I graduated. Some people were against my actions, but I’m glad I did. It will help you realize what you really want to do in your life and the time off will really make you think about your life and excited for the next chapter you’re going to have. 


  • Apply for work but don’t stress. Apply still for work. That time off won’t require you to be always outside party-ing. There will be lots and lots of tambay days and that is when you should pass your resumes. Spend atleast 3 hrs a day just sending resumes and applying to companies online so you are still on-track. Sayang degree bes kung di mo magagamit sa corporate kahit 2 years lang.  


  • Prioritize your interviews. You have all the time to go to the beach sunbathing or being a couch-potato managing to finish 5 episodes per day of Kdrama but if someone calls you for an interview — don’t miss it. Even if it’s not the company you’re aiming for, still go to the interview. Not only will you have the chance to gain connections from those companies, but you can also practice what and how to answer to interviews so when your desired company calls, you surely are ready to kill it.


  • Sleep. Sleep more than most! Trust me when I say you won’t be able to catch enough sleep when you start working — even when you try hard. Even when your future workplace is just minutes away from your house. It will not secure you a goodnight’s sleep. I didn’t get enough and still not getting enough sleep even when I just have to cross the street to get to the office. Take all the chances to sleep all day sleep all night – you will be missing it when you start working.  


  • Keep your stand. Don’t be intimated by your colleagues posting about their 1st payday, payday treat to self, paycheck, workday, work work work status. Don’t mind them. Remember, you’re the upper hand because you’re still on your vacation mode. Take your time. Enjoy the momentum. Good things will happen, you just have to be ready when the opportunity comes. 


Congratulations to all graduates of 2017. You are now officially unemployed on vacation mode. Enjoy the best of it and hoping for your success in finding your dream job in your dream company soon!



Born For You (Between the Lines)

Too many billion people

Searching for who and what

Running around the planet

Just to find and feel the closest thing to heaven

What is the chance in heaven

Or even in this lifetime

That you’d find your way to me?

That I’d be able to find your precious light?

Tell me what is this sweet sensation?

It’s overflowing, it’s euphoric.

It’s a miracle that’s happened

No one would ever know how it’s possible

Though I search for an explanation

Of the possibilities and probabilities and causes of this perfection

Only one thing it could be –

That I was born for you

To love and cherish you in every way

It was written in the stars

Destiny has its way to show it to us

Yes, I was born for you

We were made to show the world what love is

And the choice was never ours

It was purely the work of the heavens above

It’s as if the powers of the universe

And all the Gods and Godesses, seraphs and cherubims

Conspired to make you mine

And lead me right to your beautiful madness

And til the day I die,

Til the end of my days in Earth

I bless the day that I was born for you

Too many foolish people

Trying to be who and what love is

Trying to come between us

To tear us apart and to break our string

None of them seem to matter

No, my love. You don’t have to worry.

When I look into your eyes

Oh, those eyes that always glimmer in time

Now I know why I belong here

Forever in your arms and eternal in your soul

In your arms I found the answer

The answer to my heart’s desire

Somehow nothing would seem so wrong here

Everything’s perfect as it is

If they’d only realise

That I was born for you

To show you who and what love is

And that you were born for me

To have and to hold, my eternity

And in this random world,

In this strange and still unfamiliar realm,

This was clearly meant to be

What the stars and the heavens have planned long before

What we have the world could never understand

Or ever take away

No, they can never take this away because this is ours – this is our infinity.

And till the day I die

Til the very last breath I’d take

I bless the day that I was born for you.