51/365 – Witty Students

So my Dad asked me to check papers.

These are the top answers:

  1. I will handle it with care.
  2. I will limit myself to do 6 projects because I am also a human being and I couldn’t handle any thing more than that.
  3. I will tell them that change is coming.
  4. Make sure the project is user-friendly.
  5. They are the ones who call the shots. (Shots! Shots! Sh-sh-shots! Everybody!)

And I’m only half-way done! Oh, ever witty students!

I remembered the days when I was in college and I’d literally put song lyrics in between just so my essays looked like a novel. I drew a lot of my lucky dinosaurs or hearts for good luck and wisdom for my professor so she could have the courage to consider my answers Heh heh. What crazy peculiar statements did you write in your college exams?