59/365 – March Please Bring Me Back 

March 1, 2017

Today is the true start of my year. January and February were the trial months – money back guarantee and adjustment periods. March is the real deal month. 

I’ve been binge eating these past few months and it has gotten to this scenario that I don’t feel like myself anymore. I also sleep late at night and just don’t care about having that healthy glow everyday. I am destroying myself through what I intake and what I do just to balance everything out that I forgot about just being happy (and content). 

This is why I want the next 10 months to be productive both in achieving my dreams and being the healthy fabulous me. 

I’ll share you this so you can benchmark on how you will become the best you in your own ways also! Lezgo! 

March Resolutions to a healthier me (and you! Magsama tayo i-achieve to beshie) 

1. Say NO to sweet stuff (except kay boyfie

2. Take the junk out of your junk! 

Say no to saturated fats, refined sugar, processed foods, junk foods – it has no positive contribution to your body. So, just don’t!

3. Hydrate More. Drink more water. 

Note: lemon water helps! 

4. Chicken is life. 

Beef and pork take 1-2 weeks to be fully digested in your stomach. Chicken only takes days. There’s so much meals you can cook with chicken as your main ingredient. You can still eat beef and pork but count the days before you eat meals with those again. 

5. Less fried stuff. 

Choose steamed or fried in olive oil food rather than those deep-fried siomai or dumplings you see on foodcourt. They contain so much oil and fat that will just add up to your love handles. 

6. Green tea is life. 

Green tea contains more benefits than you thought. Antioxidants, anti-colds, and it can really make your digestion better and faster! I’ve been in love with green tea since the day I tasted it and I’ve never regret a single tea-loving day of my life. 

7. Walking, walking.

Living just minutes away from my workplace has removed my everyday cram-walking from Dela Rosa to Bel-Air, Makati. It’s a great distance, good for shredding weight everyday. Plus the fact that I was always running late made me walk faster – made my heart beat go up and sweat more. Now my workplace is just a 5-minute breeze walk from where I currently reside. I’m alotting an hour and a half everyday to walk (and eventually run) around the vicinity so I can achieve this again. This is good for your figure and stamina! 🙂 

Research about the effect of the food you eat and see what you should avoid to take care of yourself better. Do something that your future self will thank you for.