47/365 – Number 7 ; 8:15 PM

I don’t like coffee.

I don’t like how it makes my heart beat faster like it would leap out of my chest.

I don’t like how it makes me feel unbalanced, adrenaline envelopes all over me.

I don’t like how it keeps me up – mind and body contradicts and this is its effect.

You are just like that, you see.

But I love you. 

I won’t mind as long as it’s you.


46/365 – Most Beautiful Lyrics of Worship Songs


Hillsong United – Even When It Hurts


Hillsong United – Even When It Hurts


Hillsong United – Touch The Sky


Hillsong United – Say the Word


Hillsong Worship – Broken Vessels


Hillsong Worship – Broken Vessels


Hillsong United – Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

21/365 – Number 6; 10:47pm

I could tell you a lot of reasons. 

I could show you all the things you made me feel. 

Like when we were under the lights 

And you told me “I wanna make you mine” 

You stared, looked into my eyes

As you wait for words to come out of my mouth

Oh, how you look so fine, how can I not say

Forever with you seems right”, then you smiled. 

Words may fail, break my trust

But your love will always reign in me 

World may judge, they’ll say everything. 

I love you anyway, hear me say always

You and me against all the odds. 

My love, my last love. 

I’d always wonder out of all the things I did 

What did I accidentally do

For God to give you in my life 

As my last love. 

3/365 – To the One Who Broke My Heart Last Year 

I loved you genuinely since the day we were together. I did everything for you and in the name of our love. I put down almost everything in my life just to give way for our love. I even disregarded and changed my dreams so as it would best suit our situation. I did everything to deserve your love and this is where I made myself undeserving of my own love. Maybe this is where you also learned to love me less. 

I made everything easy for you. I made loving me as easy as making your morning coffee. You didn’t have to come to me because I was the one who came to you. You didn’t have to give me gifts because I have given you the corniest of them. You didn’t have to exert any effort because I have given you everything even before you asked for it. I didn’t give you any reason to not love me but maybe I this is where you found some reasons to love me less.

I made my world revolve around the thought of a lifetime with you – I made my plans and dreams according to your plans for youself hoping that I would fit in even just on the tiny bits of it. But I failed everytime I tried. I made the world fall in love with my illusion of your love – I hid the oh-nos and imperfections because I wanted everyone to love you as much as I have loved you. Maybe this is where you found another reason to love me less. 

I knew there was something else you wanted even if I have given you everything I am. I knew you wanted something I cannot give and you found it with someone else. I knew that behind your I love yous and I miss yous were hidden signs of I don’t want to be with you anymore. I knew we were falling apart and yet I was there still picking up the pieces and putting them altogether just to fall even shattered than ever. I chose to fight even though I’m bleeding; to love even when my heart was going away with every beat. Maybe this is where you finally to chose to unlove me. 

This is where I draw the line. You didn’t deserve me since day 1 and even on the days when you tried to because I knew I loved you more the whole time. Thank you for the memories and the lessons which came with it. But this is the end of us and the start of a new me. You were a huge part of my last year but you will never be a part of this year and all of the years to come. I’m giving you up and I’m forgetting everything about you. You did love me less when I loved you more and this is what I will do with all of my regained pieces altogether – unloving you and loving myself more. You are my biggest and most painful heartbreak of all time and it won’t be easy for me to do all these things but watch me do it and you’ll know it was a mistake for loving me less every time. 

With hopes & promises, 


Born For You (Between the Lines)

Too many billion people

Searching for who and what

Running around the planet

Just to find and feel the closest thing to heaven

What is the chance in heaven

Or even in this lifetime

That you’d find your way to me?

That I’d be able to find your precious light?

Tell me what is this sweet sensation?

It’s overflowing, it’s euphoric.

It’s a miracle that’s happened

No one would ever know how it’s possible

Though I search for an explanation

Of the possibilities and probabilities and causes of this perfection

Only one thing it could be –

That I was born for you

To love and cherish you in every way

It was written in the stars

Destiny has its way to show it to us

Yes, I was born for you

We were made to show the world what love is

And the choice was never ours

It was purely the work of the heavens above

It’s as if the powers of the universe

And all the Gods and Godesses, seraphs and cherubims

Conspired to make you mine

And lead me right to your beautiful madness

And til the day I die,

Til the end of my days in Earth

I bless the day that I was born for you

Too many foolish people

Trying to be who and what love is

Trying to come between us

To tear us apart and to break our string

None of them seem to matter

No, my love. You don’t have to worry.

When I look into your eyes

Oh, those eyes that always glimmer in time

Now I know why I belong here

Forever in your arms and eternal in your soul

In your arms I found the answer

The answer to my heart’s desire

Somehow nothing would seem so wrong here

Everything’s perfect as it is

If they’d only realise

That I was born for you

To show you who and what love is

And that you were born for me

To have and to hold, my eternity

And in this random world,

In this strange and still unfamiliar realm,

This was clearly meant to be

What the stars and the heavens have planned long before

What we have the world could never understand

Or ever take away

No, they can never take this away because this is ours – this is our infinity.

And till the day I die

Til the very last breath I’d take

I bless the day that I was born for you.