Yuppie Diaries – Megaworld Employee Review

Hi! Since there are a lot of you lovies asking about Megaworld – I decided to create a new blog about the company. Here we go!

Just a little update after the interview:

July 2016

After 3 weeks of dreadful waiting for Megaworld to call me, they finally did! One of the assistant of the Senior Assistant Vice President (SAVP) of the Contracts and Procurement Department – Purchasing called me up and scheduled me for the Final Interview. I was interviewed by my manager-to-be since the SAVP was at a meeting that day. It was a quick introduction on what my job would be and disclosure of the final offer of salary and benefits.

After 3 days, HR called to inform me that I got the job (Yay!) and scheduled me for job offer signing. After signing, I went straight to take the Medical Exams since I was still staying in Cavite and it took a lot of expenses just to get to Makati. It also didn’t take too long to finish since they only need you to take the exams and they will be the one to pass your results to the HR partner. If you have no problems with it, then expect HR to call you after a week for your 1st day of reporting to work. In my case, I got delayed for about 2 more weeks because they found minor problems with my urinalysis and I got my monthly visit (you know) so I couldn’t take it again that soon. Once the Doctor declares you’re fit to work, then you’re good to go!

August 1, 2016

First day of work! Yay! Basically, you will have a New Employee’s Orientation this day – with free breakfast, snacks, and lunch courtesy of Mcdonalds. No workload yet – relax lang muna he,he. 



MEGAWORLD EMPLOYMENT REVIEW (A Fresh Grad’s First Job Perspective)


The company provides opportunities where you can really grow and discover your full potential. Speaking from a Fresh Grad Perspective with 0 Experience other than OJT, you will be faced with real-time challenges which you wouldn’t really know what to do at first but you will be surprised you got through it – and be called an expert on it. This is where your growth will begin. Everyday you have a diversity of tasks to get your job done – a lot of approval and comments from different people (almost all the time from the big bosses)  who will give you perspective from Architectural to Engineering to Purchasing to Budgeting. No minute is boring and idle – this I promise you.


The people in Contracts and Procurement Department (CPD) – where I currently am part of – are people who brings the relaxation in stress, the sunshine on the rainy days, and the joy on the sorrowful days. (For all my officemates reading my blog, lam nyo na ah. Turon lang okay na hahaha) Really, they are the most friendly, bubbly, and crazy set of workmates and I’m glad they’re part of my first job experience. Mr. Andrew L. Tan himself and the big bosses are very much approachable especially when it comes to helping you finish the task (both individual and as a group). We even got the chance to party with the President of the company last December with a special celebrity guest singer. (who is my faveeeeeeee of all singers ♥)


Have you seen Megaworld townships? Have you seen the beauty of the extravagant and artistic Italian design of Venice Canal Mall, Mckinley, Taguig? Have you felt the cold breeze at Twinlakes, Tagaytay? Have you went shopping in Uptown Mall, BGC? Even before I was part of this company, I have numerous moments of losing my breath just by looking at their masterpiece townships. Eastwood City is what made me say ” Someday, I’m gonna be part of Megaworld.” and then Venice Piazza, and then Twinlakes, and then Uptown Mall – which is now our second home. When you become a part of MW family, you will feel the feels of how it started to how it has become to this day. Amazingly breathtaking, always.


Megaworld is generous to its employees. There are so many – by so many, I mean SOOOO MANY – perks available to Megaworld employees and its subsidiaries; from Hotels to World-Class Food Chains to Cinemas to Properties.


This I am not familiar with since I am just starting my career in the company. In our department, we are performance-based measured through KPI. This is the basis of moving up the career ladder.

That’s it! Overall, my (almost) 1 year stay in MW has been great and it has helped me grow holistically since Day 1 up to now. I know they will provide me platforms to improve myself also as long as I am there.


Thanks for all the readers of my previous blog about MW. I hope this blog answers some of your further questions and give you an idea on deciding whether to go for it or not. One thing’s for sure, you won’t regret if you do. Best of luck to all of you and I hope to see you around! ♥

Yuppie Diaries: What to do after Graduation

It has been exactly 1 year after I graduated; 365 days after my so-called “Big Day”. It was the biggest achievement I could ever be proud of back then. Para sakin, may napatunayan na ako. Well, for all kinds of families, it was just the start.. (of hell).

You don’t know real pagod (exhaustion) until you have that monthly KPI with 95 as the passing grade but all the delays will be against you. You don’t know real stress when all the living things in your office pressure you – yes, kahit pati plants (even the plants) and the shoppaholic rat that comes after stealing your things. The transition to undergrad to working gurl real quick was a big blow for me. It was exciting but at the same time scary and frustrating. It’s true what they say, it’s more tiring to work than to study. At this state, I belong to the working class who always say ” if I can go back to studying, I will just study rather work. ” And I’m hella proud of it.

Saying this not to scare off all my yuppie readers but to be the Ate you never had who will guide you through the scary world you’re going to face after your G Day. 

  • Take a transition vacation. When I was graduating, some of my friends who were already working kept on advising me to take 2-3 months vacation before starting corporate life. They told me it’s gonna be hard to take a vacation again once you start. I spent almost 2 months being just a palamunin in the house after I graduated. Some people were against my actions, but I’m glad I did. It will help you realize what you really want to do in your life and the time off will really make you think about your life and excited for the next chapter you’re going to have. 


  • Apply for work but don’t stress. Apply still for work. That time off won’t require you to be always outside party-ing. There will be lots and lots of tambay days and that is when you should pass your resumes. Spend atleast 3 hrs a day just sending resumes and applying to companies online so you are still on-track. Sayang degree bes kung di mo magagamit sa corporate kahit 2 years lang.  


  • Prioritize your interviews. You have all the time to go to the beach sunbathing or being a couch-potato managing to finish 5 episodes per day of Kdrama but if someone calls you for an interview — don’t miss it. Even if it’s not the company you’re aiming for, still go to the interview. Not only will you have the chance to gain connections from those companies, but you can also practice what and how to answer to interviews so when your desired company calls, you surely are ready to kill it.


  • Sleep. Sleep more than most! Trust me when I say you won’t be able to catch enough sleep when you start working — even when you try hard. Even when your future workplace is just minutes away from your house. It will not secure you a goodnight’s sleep. I didn’t get enough and still not getting enough sleep even when I just have to cross the street to get to the office. Take all the chances to sleep all day sleep all night – you will be missing it when you start working.  


  • Keep your stand. Don’t be intimated by your colleagues posting about their 1st payday, payday treat to self, paycheck, workday, work work work status. Don’t mind them. Remember, you’re the upper hand because you’re still on your vacation mode. Take your time. Enjoy the momentum. Good things will happen, you just have to be ready when the opportunity comes. 


Congratulations to all graduates of 2017. You are now officially unemployed on vacation mode. Enjoy the best of it and hoping for your success in finding your dream job in your dream company soon!



59/365 – March Please Bring Me Back 

March 1, 2017

Today is the true start of my year. January and February were the trial months – money back guarantee and adjustment periods. March is the real deal month. 

I’ve been binge eating these past few months and it has gotten to this scenario that I don’t feel like myself anymore. I also sleep late at night and just don’t care about having that healthy glow everyday. I am destroying myself through what I intake and what I do just to balance everything out that I forgot about just being happy (and content). 

This is why I want the next 10 months to be productive both in achieving my dreams and being the healthy fabulous me. 

I’ll share you this so you can benchmark on how you will become the best you in your own ways also! Lezgo! 

March Resolutions to a healthier me (and you! Magsama tayo i-achieve to beshie) 

1. Say NO to sweet stuff (except kay boyfie

2. Take the junk out of your junk! 

Say no to saturated fats, refined sugar, processed foods, junk foods – it has no positive contribution to your body. So, just don’t!

3. Hydrate More. Drink more water. 

Note: lemon water helps! 

4. Chicken is life. 

Beef and pork take 1-2 weeks to be fully digested in your stomach. Chicken only takes days. There’s so much meals you can cook with chicken as your main ingredient. You can still eat beef and pork but count the days before you eat meals with those again. 

5. Less fried stuff. 

Choose steamed or fried in olive oil food rather than those deep-fried siomai or dumplings you see on foodcourt. They contain so much oil and fat that will just add up to your love handles. 

6. Green tea is life. 

Green tea contains more benefits than you thought. Antioxidants, anti-colds, and it can really make your digestion better and faster! I’ve been in love with green tea since the day I tasted it and I’ve never regret a single tea-loving day of my life. 

7. Walking, walking.

Living just minutes away from my workplace has removed my everyday cram-walking from Dela Rosa to Bel-Air, Makati. It’s a great distance, good for shredding weight everyday. Plus the fact that I was always running late made me walk faster – made my heart beat go up and sweat more. Now my workplace is just a 5-minute breeze walk from where I currently reside. I’m alotting an hour and a half everyday to walk (and eventually run) around the vicinity so I can achieve this again. This is good for your figure and stamina! 🙂 

Research about the effect of the food you eat and see what you should avoid to take care of yourself better. Do something that your future self will thank you for. 

53/365 – Becoming Friends with Ex After Break Up

Someone told me, “being friends with your ex will actually help you move on.” 

I wondered and considered every reason there is before concluding a response. 

My ex kept on pursuing to be friends with me some days after we broke up like nothing happened. It kinda felt overwhelming but I didn’t want it to continue any further. I brushed him off the second time he invited me to join him in a friendly date because it made no sense at all. Here are the definite reasons why: 

1. He hurt me once and he will definitely hurt me again. He had the guts to leave me despite everything I and my family did for him, so why take the chance of giving him the honor to do it the second time around? 

2. He had me at my very best and he chose to still break me apart. Yep, he had me at my glorious moments and I always strived to give him the best of me. Why would 

3. He lied. He told me so many excuses and reasons why he wanted leave yet I already knew and felt the true reason behind. I don’t want to go through the deep path of recovering myself from blaming and discriminating myself of why we broke up – yet it wasn’t really because of me; he made me think it was because of me by telling me this and that reason. I wish he just told me the truth. 

3. He broke my heart. Why would I want to go through that again? 

So, my response is: Nah, it will just make things complicated for the both of you. 

Maybe it can work when you two have overcome the pains of your break-up, or have genuinely moved on – take up a year or two before you can be friends with each other without any hard feelings at all. This I know, I have atleast 3 Exes I talk to again. It took some years though before we became friends again. 

So yeah. Just don’t && tell your ex to just stay the fries off. 

52/365 – 11 Ways on How to Avoid #BestieZoned

1. Don’t call him/her bes, besh, beshie, besticles, bestie, bff, sisterette. 

2. If he/she tells you about someone special don’t act as if you’re not affected. Baka magtuloy tuloy yan at maging “secret files” ka nalang. 

3. Ask for a proper date. Not play date; not a friendly date, not tambay tayo saglit. A legit date. 

4. Be there for him/her but not always. Give him/her time to miss you kahit very very light lang. 

5. Be honest on how you really feel about the person so it will be clear. ‘Pag iniwasan ka odi move to the next target. Char! Accept defeat, friend. 

6. Define The Relationship. 

7. Set a proper time and proper mood to ask about your role in his/her life. Mabuti nang clear ano. 

8. ‘Wag mahihiyang magtanong… about everything you want to ask just to make it clear. 

9. If you intend to make ligaw na, ask properly. Not you’re already exerting effort but she doesn’t even know you’re courting her. 

10. After several times of asking numerous questions just to make it clear and it isn’t still, then walk away. You deserve someone who genuinely wants you in his life. 

11. Accept reality, cherish everything. Enjoy life, enjoy the moments. Success or failure, just be thankful of all the good times you get to spend with the person.
Kaway kaway sa mga na-#BestieZoned na paulit-ulit!! Darating din ang tamang tao para satin!✌🏻

51/365 – Witty Students

So my Dad asked me to check papers.

These are the top answers:

  1. I will handle it with care.
  2. I will limit myself to do 6 projects because I am also a human being and I couldn’t handle any thing more than that.
  3. I will tell them that change is coming.
  4. Make sure the project is user-friendly.
  5. They are the ones who call the shots. (Shots! Shots! Sh-sh-shots! Everybody!)

And I’m only half-way done! Oh, ever witty students!

I remembered the days when I was in college and I’d literally put song lyrics in between just so my essays looked like a novel. I drew a lot of my lucky dinosaurs or hearts for good luck and wisdom for my professor so she could have the courage to consider my answers Heh heh. What crazy peculiar statements did you write in your college exams?

50/365 – #LetDad&MomKnow 

To Papa & Mama, I might not say and express fully how much I adore & love the both of you, but through my words you’ll know how much I do. 
The moment I opened up my life to my parents, everything felt lighter – like a huge sack of rice was lifted from my shoulder. I don’t have to hide anything from anyone; I don’t have to worry about telltales from big-mouthed neighbors.

Parents.. no matter how strict they are, no matter how annoying they are with their constant follow-up whenever you leave the house, no matter how irritating they become when they keep on repeating and repeating and repeating words of wisdom you already know and heard for the nth time – they deserve to know, you know. They’re strict like that because they are trying their very best to lead you to the right way. They bombard you with so many questions and assumptions because they simply care about you and what happens in your life. The only thing you can ever give back to those years they sacrificed caring and loving you the best way they can is to let them in your life. Trust me, they’re the best-est best friends you can ever have.

Let me tell you where it started. I had my first-somewhat-relationship when I was in 6th grade. I was the talk of town – new student feels, yeah. That was also when I started keeping things from my parents. They wouldn’t approve of it – I knew it. So it continued as I entered failed relationships after another. Don’t get me wrong, we’re legal. They know who it was and they got to meet everyone during the courtship. But the barrier remained. They would just see the guy once or twice and that was it. Maybe that was why my relationships kept on failing. But on some point somewhere, everything started changing. I would ask advice from my Dad when everything was so complicated or when my ex would throw tantrums at me for irrelevant reasons. Hey, my Dad’s one of the strictest and most disciplinarian Dads you would ever meet. He’s part of the watch-me-kill-the-guy-with-my-own-hands or i’m-watching-you-douchebag-so-you-better-be-careful Dad Club. Oh and my mom, oh my Mom’s the most sophisticated and mataray Mom you’d ever encounter. She’s so intimidating my exes worried about her approval more than my Dad’s. We connect to some stuff but we just fight over almost everything. Despite that, I was surprised when they gave great advices when I was opening up to them. Maybe it was also because we shared a deeper bond when we started attending The Feast that I got the courage to open up to them and they got the understanding and wisdom to relate and give me advices as they know best. To my surprise (again), I found myself crying to them when my ex broke up with me (in front of them).

Maybe your parents are not as understanding as mine is or your bond is not as close as we have – but these things will keep intact despite the differences:

1. Your parents know you best. 

Darling, your mom carried you on her mind since the day they thought of having you. Your dad knew how precious you are since the day he held you in his arms when you couldn’t even open your eyes. They. Know. You. Best. They know your worth more than anyone else. They know what you deserve to have and they’d sacrifice everything just for you to have it right in your hands. You may change overtime, but they would still know how beautiful you are inside and out. Keep that in mind. For a creator knows the true value of his creation.

2. Your parents know what’s best for you. 

Trust me. Even when sometimes what they make you do makes no sense AT ALL. You’re realize one day the purpose of everything they made you do. Parents feel everything. The moment you introduce someone to them, they know it beforehand if that guy would hurt you or not. You’ll know it through their actions – my mom wouldn’t talk to my ex even just for a little bit because she knew he would just hurt me (this was revealed after our almost 2-year relationship)

3. Your parents are your most dependable knights-in-shining armor.  

They will defend you against anyone. They will rescue you through anything – no matter how deep the damage is. They will fight with you side-by-side. Even when it is your fault, they will tell you where you went wrong, might get mad with you a little bit, apologize for you if needed, they will always and forever be fighting for you.

4. Family is family. 

They will accept you no matter what – your past, your present, and your future. No matter how martyr you are in loving, no matter how irritating you are because you don’t listen to everyone when you love, no matter how blind you are in your decisions, and no matter how much you care to try even after so many failures. They will always be by your side through it all. You will always be a part of the family and it will be disabled without you.

5. Your parents are God-given. 

God speaks to you through the people He put in your life. He gave them to you, arranged and placed them in your life so you can have the best navigators, guides, co-captain in becoming the best you can be; the YOU He has imagined, planned, and destined you to be. Know that through the way your parents love you, care for you, and cherish you is God’s way of showing how much He loves you through them. Value them with everything you are because they deserve it.

So much love for all the parents in the world! 🙌🏻





49/365 – I’m not the Same Girl and It’s Okay.

I’m not the same clueless little baby sleeping as hours go by, innocent about what life has to offer her; not the same clueless little baby whose safe place is in the arms of her Mom and Dad. I don’t hunger only for food anymore. Milk and water aren’t the only things I’m thirsty for. I can’t cry when problems eat me alive and Mom and Dad will come rushing solving everything. No, I’m different now.

I’m not the same little happy child who worries about which doll to play first or which sweets to pick during Halloween’s. I don’t have the same youthful spirit; the same jolly laughter I can burst out every time. I can’t be careless because wounded knees aren’t the only things to worry about when you fall. It hurts more when friends come and go. I can’t say they’re come running back to me because I have the coolest toys anymore. I can’t expect things to be fixed at the end of the day because Mom & Dad will be there to take care of things. No, I’m different now.

I’m not the same teenage girl who only worries about her academics and if Mom and Dad would be glad with my scores this grading. I’m not the same teenage girl who has time to just lay around gushing and crushing over this boy and that boy. I’m not afraid to show my feelings anymore because I know they won’t like me back. I’m not afraid of losing friends because we don’t talk everyday. I’m not the same teenage girl who worries about her pimples, or her uneven skin tone, or her love handles, or her thigh gap that won’t show. I don’t need to befriend anyone just to feel accepted. No, I’m different now.

But it’s okay because at this point of life, I’ve realized the true value of life. I’ve seen enough ups and downs to know that God puts you through downs so you can learn and prepare for your better ups – the plans he anointed to happen in your life. I’ve gained so many precious friendships to know that God gives you the best people so He can show you how much He loves you through how they love you even in your worst state. I’ve been through enough relationships to know that it is noble to love without any hesitations; to love even when the one reason why you’re still holding on seems to fade every time you prove it to yourself; to love without any conditions; to love even when you begin to lose yourself; to love just like how God loves. I’ve been through enough moments in life to know how to cherish and appreciate everything everyday. Life is indeed short to waste thinking about what isn’t it. I’m different now.

48/365 – Under Php500 Dates: Mercato, BGC

I was craving for authentic streetfoods since I got here in Makati. Puro pang Rich Kid (RK) lang nakikita ko. No pagkaing bukid – them sumptuous chicken intestine, chicken blood, chicken feet, chicken liver, barbeque, everything chicken! I know my Mum wouldn’t like this when she sees this so let’s just keep it to ourselves, shall we? 

Then I found this heavenly place

Situated at the heart of BGC, Mercato Centrale Group brings the ultimate foodtrip in Global City! (And it’s very affordable)

Yumyumyum! 3 for Php 100; pick anything from isaw, dugo, hotdog or barbeque!  

Takoyaki for Php70! 

Bacon BBQ for Php 25 each! 

They even have stalls for Koreaboos ❤️ 

Happy Tummy & Cravings Satisfied for just Php275! Visit Mercato Centrale and endulge in a new & exciting dining experience. 

Mercato Centrale FB Page

47/365 – Number 7 ; 8:15 PM

I don’t like coffee.

I don’t like how it makes my heart beat faster like it would leap out of my chest.

I don’t like how it makes me feel unbalanced, adrenaline envelopes all over me.

I don’t like how it keeps me up – mind and body contradicts and this is its effect.

You are just like that, you see.

But I love you. 

I won’t mind as long as it’s you.