Wrapping up 2015

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Only a few hours until the start of another year and we are all familiar with the yearly New Year Count Down. Some do it on the rooftop of the those fancy hotels surrounded by friends and loved ones hoping for a new year miracle – or should I just say, that romantic kiss on the rooftop after shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR!  And some people who just prefer – or have no other choice than to sit on the couch, gigantic smart phones on the hand and scrolling past various status updates about how their 2015’s going to end, waiting for that still blastful HAPPY NEW YEAR! cheers while watching the neighbor’s fireworks display (no budget for fireworks this year, hun). Here’s how I do mine. I gathered a list of the highlight-worthy and the should-be-kept in the attic memories of this year.

Let’s start with the joys of my year.

1. 18th all over again. 

In January, my grandparents went home from Canada after 14 looong years. They went there when I was still 5 years old and boy it was a tear jerker when I saw them coming out the arrival section of NAIA. Being with them, feeling their touch and warmth of their hugs was just a vivid memory on my skin and the sensation when I felt it again made me nostalgic.  It was my birth month and I feel like the most favored grandchild; there was so much happening and it made my birthday extra special. Well they expected to be here til Feb 13 ( my sisters’ birthday) but because of some constraints, they managed to stay only up until January 30.

My 19th birthday was a mini reunion party for both of my parents’ sides – De Castro – Evangelista (father’s) and Padua (mother’s). Others came all the way from various points in Manila and I really, really appreciated their efforts for coming. Though the place was quite small for all of us, we still had a great time.

2. Training with the Pros

Since our finances had a downfall this year, (to know the story about this major mayhem, here), my dad wanted to do something – literally just anything to give small amounts of money to our family. Don’t get me wrong, we still have money left to sustain our daily living but it will only last for a couple of months even after cutting off some of our small luxuries. I, on the other hand, had nothing to do that summer so I went with him. Turns out, it was the best training I ever had! I literally trained with the Pros of financial world – every bit of it I first learned with the experts. I got to train with the Branch and Area Managers of the Life Insurance company I joined and God, it was awesome. People my age don’t get excited with this but once you get into it, learn it, and be part of it, I assure you’ll be amazed and overwhelmed with all the information that will be uncovered to you. I am using the financial plans I learned from there for my future! No, this is not a paid advertisement and I don’t oblige you to join, too – this is purely based on my experience and nevertheless concerned with my career there.

3. One of God’s greatest gifts: You.

I often hear about the saying, “ You don’t find love, love finds you.” It happened to me! After I went through a terrible relationship, I just focused on building myself up – doing things I didn’t have the chance to do these past years. I reconnected with my friends in the past – the long gone friendships and I reactivated some of my social media accounts. I spent most of my nights training and doing my part-time work ( I attended night classes) and days occasionally swiping left and right (yep, you know it! I’m a retired Tinderella). I met a lot of people – some of them I made friendships with and some of them just didn’t pass through the one-time chat mate level. The one that captured my heart is neither the most charming nor the most trophy-boyfriend type but he surely is the most sincere, loving, thoughtful – don’t forget clingy man I ever met! The story of how we met is not the most romantic, fairy-tale like scenario of all; it’s just a simple first date continued by several more dates of getting to know each other. Still, it’s the most special for me because it was full of love. You know the times when you see a couple and the boy looks at the girl like she’s the most beautiful, fragile goddess who went down from heaven and he’s so lucky she’s in love with a peasant like him and every movement of her brings harmonies that stings right through every pore he ever has? Well that’s how it was for me. Right, too cheesy.

And now is my queue to say, May forever sa Tinder!

4. God Moves In Mysterious Ways

On our attempt to sustain the finances of our family, we found God. We met him in the most unexpected moments of our lives. That day in June, we just went to PICC and attend a Catholic worship activity just to make a client say YES. Little did we know, we were going to get a much bigger YES!

I’ll share it to you.

5. Starting the End of my College Years

Time really does fly fast. I can still remember the overflowing emotions I had the day before the first day of my college years. I never put it through my mind all those hardships and joys of my past college years and months away from now it will come to an end. Ending my care-free days in College and become a scaredy-cat newbie in the real world hasn’t synced in me yet. I am still thinking of subject to take this summer the only case is I will not be in college anymore. I still have no concrete plans after May 2016 and at this point, I’m too afraid to ask.

I think this should be placed on my parents’ highlight-worthy moments more than mine.

6. First Travel Abroad: SG Diaries

I’ve always complained about the irony of renewing my passport thrice this time and it haven’t got stamped even once. I had it since I was 5 and 13 year after it still has nothing but my suspect-for-illegal-drug-abuse photo and of course the proof of my identity. But it was my lucky year when I forcibly enrolled on one of our elective subjects which requires an international tour as the final output – it’s not called International Business Management for nothing. It was a big bulge for our finances but it was a requirement for graduation (well the subject is, not the tour – but since it is the final output of the subject) so my gramma sponsored it says it was part of her retirement fund but she will be happier if it would be spent for my graduation req. My internal organs ached when I knew that but I really had no choice. I just made a promise that I would definitely march in May 2016.

I would definitely tell you details buh I don’t wanna bore you to death. Let’s talk it over sometime! 🙂

7. Milk Everywhere! : OJT in Alaska Milk Corporation

Our school’s curriculum for the last semester of the graduating students is 2 more major subjects (depends on how many you should still take to be considered graduating) and 500-hour or 3-month long OJT in your chosen company. Company requirement is: so long as you will be placed in Production or Logistics. I am majoring in Business Operations Management so this should give me enough knowledge about what the heck I’m going to do when I finally get eaten by reality. Alaska Milk Corporation in Laguna was top of our list. Yeah, I know it will be a lot of body pain travelling 2 hours every day just to get home but this is where we think we’ll learn so much. Here are the reasons:

  • AMC accepts less than 20 students for OJT every year. It means that students will experience everything because there is no rivalry in doing tasks.
  • OJT Students will be assigned in different departments thus they will have the opportunity to be exposed and trained in various relevant tasks.
  • They give plant tours every chance there is! We prefer to be exposed in production tasks because that would mean hitting so many birds in one stone; everything we learned from Purchasing, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Logistics, Sumthing Sumthing Management is practically done there.

Some of my colleagues already started their OJTs before November 23 (the start of our 2nd semester) and nobody was calling me up until November 23. My bestfriend got called by Alaska right on time and she talked to supervisors after supervisors just to get me in. By the grace of God, they finally called me! I started the day after and my supervisor immediately traveled me around one of the plants.

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I am thankful I did not fall deep this year but I still want to share my low points with you.

With great joy comes great pain, too.

  1. Money Low on Supply

My Dad had a wonderful new opportunity to fulfill the depths of his entire career with Company X and it really offered a huge salary. He was pretty ecstatic about it and he really did pursue it. But as we say, with great power comes great responsibility, this company really did squeezed all his sweat making him do all this and that just to satisfy and convince themselves that what they invested on my dad was gaining enough profit back to them. They made him do work all day and night and even on his sick/vacation leaves – literally hell on Earth. He had to do it. He had to quit his job. It was not healthy for him and us. Doing so means letting go of the financial wellness we had. We cut off our weekly dose of Sunday lunch-outs, expensive food choices and activities, and the little luxuries of buying new books to read (or just smell). Our finances just supports our food and academic responsibilities nothing else. It was hard shifting from one lifestyle to another within just a week. We still suffer ‘til now though Dad has a new job already. It’s evident it still isn’t enough to get back to where we were before but it’s a great help.

  1. Trays of Betrayals

There’s just one point in your life that one friend whom you trust your life with suddenly is against your existence. That happened to me this year. Apparently, this one friend found new friends and just forgot about the original troop – well basically, me. The ever slow-paced portal of our dear school made me & my friends take different schedules of our classes. Thankful I was that I still have someone to talk to in my major. Well of course I still know other people than him in that class but you know, we still need that one person who’s as crazy as you. We were grouped into 5 and we belonged to the same group as well as several other friends. During the entire semester of doing the final output, they went together and I was always clueless. There were times I wasn’t informed that there was a meeting or task need to be done by someone. I was always alone and clueless. I never felt the compassion of my so called friend.  I am the contented-with-the-crazy-people-I-have-don’t-need-new-friends type of gal so I was always so shy to ask the other members what was going on and I just expected friend to update me.  You can say that he’s the friendly type and suddenly it’s them he always wanted to be with. I finally confronted him and it was like WWII. Everyone knew and everybody hated me – except for my best friend which is his best friend too. She went between us two and as always successfully fixed it.

This made me cry a lot because he was one of my closest friends and yet this happened. Totally considered as a low point this year.

Bonus: It has never been the same after.


There you are! All done and wrapped up. Fireworks are about to start any minute now. I’ll see you next year – literally! 😉 xo

Let’s talk about your high and low points this year over cupcakes and tea.

Having trouble listing down your H&L Points for year 2015? Do it the same way I did mine! 🙂