57/365 – One Day A Teacher

First, I am not a teacher. For my babies (readers), you all know that I major in Business Operations Management and being a teacher has never ever collided paths with my dream board. I appreciate all the teachers and professors I ever encountered in my life but I never had a full or even a little understanding of what they actually do — until my Dad became one. My Dad always aspired to educate the young minds of the Filipino people and now that his kids are growing, he has all the time in his hands. He became a professor at his age now – 49 years old. Better be late then never! I always admire his courage to persevere and pursue whatever he dreams of. I am proud he is finally doing what he actually wants to do in life.

On the other hand, he still needs to provide for us so he can’t let go of his current job – the reason why he’s doing his passion of teaching part-time. Since I am the only offspring around and also the only offspring to have much time, I am obliged (and payed) to do some of his school works — specifically checking papers (I’m actually just taking a break from checking -heh heh). This is where I gained full appreciation of all the teachers everywhere. It is not a joke what they do. We should really not take them for granted. Hell, they do more than facing you and teaching!

  • They have to stay up all night just to check all your papers
  • They have to balance their time to teach you in every way they know.
  • They have to convince themselves that it is not their fault that you did not review for your exams
  • They have to control their tears while they read your answers – which far from the lesson he discussed over and over again – maybe farther from Earth than Pluto!
  • They have to teach you the lesson one more time again even when you seem not to listen.
  • They have to face your parents – do you know how scary and frustrating it is!?
  • They have to control their anger and hurt when you bully and talk things behind their back.
  • They have to shoulder accusations even when the one to be accused is you yourself.

Speaking on the side of the teacher all over the world. I was once a student and I’m thankful I respected all of them – even the most terror ones.


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