12/365 – Top 5 Poses to Look Payat

May it be for your profile picture on FB (to show off to your ex and haters) or for your opaque feed on IG (to brag about your VSCO filters), you’ll just keep on saying “ay ang taba!” if you don’t get it on your right angle (or kung saan lang hindi halata yung bilbil mo). So, here’s how I do it (even when I only get 30 likes on IG – I love all of you besticles who heart my every IG post *happy tears*).

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Leaning Tower of Pisa Pose 

Your love handles say Hi when you stand straight or you look like you’re ready for slaughter when you’re just plainly standing. So why not lean a little bit and aura a little more and voila, 5 lbs. na agad ang nawala!


Love your Patatim Pose

Your loveys are shy when you’re standing but they show their true colors (shining through.. Oh I see your true colors) once you take your sit in whatever position. Yes, I know the feeling. I know it very well. One true perks of being all about the bass is having them sexy big thighs which can be used to cover your love handles while looking sexy!


I’ll Make U Banlag Pose 

This may also be called the ” Look At This But Notice Me” Pose. Grab some cute somethings and hold it accross you – like my boy-pet-friend Ujio (who’s a cute puppy!) which will distract the viewer but then he won’t be able to resist noticing you because you look skinny beside that cute thingy! (effort ng hindi paghinga bes! Tack in lang! Hold! Ok! *click!*)


Grab That Hanky Pose

Act like you’re going to reach something on your back pocket, like a hanky, or some change, or just anything that can be placed on it. Then repeat Leaning Tower of Pisa Pose in a very very light mood then tack that tummy ’til you get desired weight loss in 5 seconds. Bang! 15 lbs na na-reducce mo!


Mukha Ko Nalang, Bes! Pose

Or just flaunt your beautiful face nalang. Pak na pak naman kahit chubbiness tayey! 

You? How do you manage to look skinny on your pics? Share mo naman besticles! 


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