7/365 – To the One Who Came Just in Time

You found me when all my little pieces were still scattered on the floor yet it was planned because you were able to see my bare being. You didn’t just stand there. Soon enough you started picking up pieces but I told you not to. ” Let me do it for myself. ” I said and you just stared at me as I tried to reconcile myself – making me feel that you were there if ever I needed help. You smiled at me and everything else became blurry as I tried to pull away with no success at all. With your every spoken words, pieces were starting to fall back into place as my cold dead heart found its strength to beat after another beat. You are my lifeline. 

You sat beside me as I was like a mobile connected to a power cable – recharging.. regenerating.. rebuilding.. I didn’t wanna rely on you and I refused to lean on you because I knew you were gonna leave soon after you felt how wrecked I was. I didn’t wanna look at you because I didn’t wanna see you walking away.. running away.. going away. No, I can’t deal with that this time. 

I thought you were gonna leave. 

But you didn’t. 

You were just holding my hand as I rebuild myself with your my hands and you were such an understanding fella to not stop me from anything I did even if it hurt you. Yes I knew sometimes I hurt you with every stupid little thing I did. You were just there. 

You didn’t give me any hint of you leaving and everytime I looked you, you’ll mouth these words: ” I’ll be here.” 

I thanked you with all my broken parts and I will thank you now that I’m once again running on my fixated heart. Gratitude for believing my strengths; you always lift my spirits up and believe in my dreams. For always and forever choosing to stay and buying fries (jk) 

Thank you for always seeing me perfectly despite the visible wounds

You didn’t look at it. My downfall. 

Your eyes were fixed on mine as you smile to bring & help rebuild myself. 

Thank you for finding me & thank God for His perfect time.


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