4 Ways to Earn Money & Make Ipon in College

We hate Mondays. They are the evilest among all of the days of the week. This is when never-ending paper works and assignments are to be passed and the most horrible duty of the day is waking up early in the morning after 2 days of pure succumbing to the four-foot, square-shaped, soft-cushioned best friend of all – the bed.


Monday is also when half of our allowances are spent. Some of us receive our baon monthly, weekly, daily – depende sa trip ng magulang mo [depends on the mood of your parents]. Well, for me I receive it weekly so I always feel rich on Mondays and a beggar on Fridays. My crazy bunch of friends always invites the whole gang to eat in fancy restaurants on Mondays and because everyone haaates Mondays, we are always convinced to go – no justifications needed. That is why on Wednesdays, we are limited to only one meal a day (those P50 value meals in the University Cafeteria) even though our classes end at 5pm every day. For Thursdays and Fridays, we would just end up buying 4 pcs. kwek-kwek and large buko juice for our lunch. Pity on us, right? Ha,ha.

However, if I was saving up for something I really really wanted to buy but my parents won’t for me, I had my ways. 🙂 What’s the use of majoring in Business if you don’t have the urge to start a business every single day of your life? [ I major in Business Operations Management so maybe this was only for me and all of the Business Majors but of course this is all applicable to all Kolehiyala and Kolehiyolo[? YOLO! Hahaha] out there! ]


  1. Selling Notes

There are really those annoying lazy classmates who doesn’t write even a single letter on their notebooks and when there will be exams, they’d go to you and photocopy your notes a hundred times. And you think to yourself, “all those inks I’ve spent, dizzying board-to-notebook (repeat several times) eye exercises, building calluses on my fingers, and they would have my hard-earned written knowledge without any effort? NO! I demand a talent fee! That is genuine talent, you guys!”


I did this and priced my work of art P2 per page (if it is not a major subject) and P5 per page (if it is a major or math subject). It’s really up to you how you’re going to price yours; lazy and needy people will come anyway!

PS. Sometimes I’m one of the annoying lazy class mates also. So, no hate on everyone! Heh heh 😉

  1. Online Business in Instagram or Facebook

Since I’m a Business Operations Management major, almost all of our subjects require us to sell something on something. Like for our Technical Application subject, we were required to sell whatever we like on Facebook and we should be able to accumulate a profit out of it. We sold various clothing like skater skirts, corsets, statement shirts which were trendy back then. Our customers were mostly inside the campus because it required no shipping fee and holding fee which was easier for us. This was the start for me – after this experience, I built an online shop together with my best friend and another one with my boyfriend – now ex. I earned almost P10,000 for both shops during the 3 months of its existence. Sadly, these two worked out a little bit but didn’t managed to reach its peak because every time I or my partner would get busy on something in school and the management of the shop would be the first to be given up.

Instagram and Facebook are both great platforms for online business venturing (my thesis is about this: Instagram: A Platform for Online Business Venturing). Of course, as a student, we would not have enough funds for a capital – luckily, there are so many suppliers in Instagram and Facebook who allow you to use their photos for your display and supply you with their products if there are orders from you. I met great suppliers from Instagram (I used Instagram more often that FB for my online shops) and they allowed me to use this trick. You just have to be careful to choose who your supplier is going to be. You should choose someone who is near you and is a direct supplier. There is a great risk that you’d get a pricier one if you get your items from an indirect supplier. And yes of course, you can personally message me and I’d be super happy to help you start your own online shop! 🙂


  1. Network Marketing/Direct Sales

You can join in some of the accredited Network Marketing in your place and there’s a great chance of you earning money fast if you will be able to manage it properly. There are advantages and disadvantages joining this and you just have to weigh it for yourself. Unlike online business, this requires money for capital (or as they call it: pay in). I have some of my closest friends earning huge amount in this kind of business.

For my case, I joined a Life Insurance Company here in the Philippines. But before this, I was a member also of Network Marketing but I figured out that it was not for me. I was able to weigh the pros and cons for me; did try to work it out to the best I can but it really was not what I wanted to do. So then, I ventured into another type of business – the financial consultancy area. To be honest, it was too much for me – I was really the most newbie of all the newbies. When I attended my Basic Training Course, I was the youngest and my age difference to everyone was 5-20 years. But then, when I finished it and learned the basics and most of the complex details about the company, I was really astonished of the capability of the company and the importance of Life Insurance Policies. It was life-changing and I’m an earning member for a year now! 🙂

  1. Selling last semester’s books to lower years or selling last year’s clothes

In our University, we have annual book selling and there you can sell books you will not use anymore. Almost all of the students purchase books here because it is cheaper and sometimes the book has answers on it already! If your university doesn’t have this, then why don’t you start your own? Advertise the book you’re selling to groups or pages of your batch, classes or the student councils’. You just have to let the buyers know what you’re selling then eventually someone out there will message you and buy from you! 🙂

Same goes to the clothes you want to sell because it’s already outdated. But I suggest you advertise it on Instagram and Facebook also – nobody will pay attention to that on your school pages – Feeling Rich Kiddos and the Truly Rich Kiddos don’t want any of that, we both know that. You will see a lot of Preloved Items offered in IG & FB and you just have to create your own strategy on selling them – you can have promos like: 2 for the price of 1, freebies, free something for every P200 purchase, the craziest you can think of as long as you will still have the profit you aim for! 🙂


And this is how I managed to earn and save up in my 4 amazing years in college! How about yours?

I know it’s a bit scary starting any of these ways and I would always be one mail away to help ya! Let’s discuss about strategies over my favorite, cupcake and tea!!!! 🙂

Talk to you soon! ❤


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