The Feast: God’s Dance Floor

[This was posted before I changed to Ellistration so the pictures were watermarked closedeyesdrifter still but who cares! heh heh]

For me, this is the most highlighted happening this year. It’s the most mysterious, unexpected, miraculous moment that constructed me – until this very day and I bet the days furthermore – and led me really, really, really close to God.

On our attempt to sustain our finances, making a client say YES to us, we were given a much much bigger YES. We went to Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) just to meet with our client and possibly get the answer we’ve been waiting for ( this is in relation with the part-time job me and my father had ). She (client) invited us to a Catholic worship event we had zero idea about. The second thing that drove us to attending was the fact that the famous Bro. Bo Sanchez would preach at the event.


IMG_20150614_122953I clearly remember that day when we first attended The Feast. We had no choice but to attend the 1pm session because there were no more seats available in the morning session. That also meant changing venues from PICC to Aliw Theater. Of course I wanted to see Bro. Bo Sanchez, of course he’s one of the icons I look up to – all with the finance and business stuff he teaches, of course he’s the main reason I was interested in attending. My mom doesn’t even want to attend anymore because he teaches only in the 8am and 10:30am session but my dad’s objective that day was to get that YES so we had to attend it still.

If it requires hand raising we’re going out. This was the reconciliation speech of my dad. If it’s a series of hand raising worship stuff we were definitely gonna leave the place. We were seated at the 3rd row from the right side of the stage. We were there at 12nn so we had to settle in for a little while before the program starts – it was a cozy place me and my brother dozed off for a moment and the next thing we saw was some long-haired guy dressed in fancy tuxedo glancing at us.   Quite an impression for first timers, huh. It was the month of Independence so the first acts were composed of a live band and choir performing several worship songs I didn’t know before, youth dancing in front of the crowd and patriotic hymns sang by that long-haired guy which happens to be one of the preachers of The Feast while one man gracefully fluttered the Philippine flag. It was like a concert of a very famous band – the theater was jam-packed with lots of people you wouldn’t think it’s a Catholic worship event. It had a lot of hand raising but it wasn’t required; you’re free to do whatever you want – raise your hand okay, put it on your chest okay, don’t raise it still okay. So long as you enjoy your stay and feel the presence of God all over the place. We finished the whole event and suddenly we became thirsty for more.


We’re attending The Feast Bay Area 7 months from that day now and we never ever missed any of the series. Name it all – storm, typhoon, flood – we didn’t mind going through any of these because The Feast became our weekly dose of everything we need to face the coming weeks. Even if it means waking up early in the morning, travelling 2 hours every Sunday and going home at 4pm in the afternoon. It has changed me and my family in so many ways I couldn’t imagine. I became closer to God, aware of his presence and full of his everlasting, unconditional and irrevocable love for me no matter how many sins I’ve done before in my entire life. I’ve learned to accept and love myself as he did, and to love others mightily as they are loved by God – both financially and emotionally. I’ve reconstructed my selfish dreams to ones that would make me financially abundant by reaching my dreams and give me so many resources so I can be Jesus to others.

It was unexpected, it was unplanned but it definitely happened in God’s perfect timing.



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